The Kilns Te Horo

Discover The Kilns at Te Horo: New scenic stop on the Art Trail

Date: 25 June 2024
Category: Update

Photo: Bob Zuur – The Kilns at Te Horo have been relocated and rebuilt.

We’re excited to feature The Kilns at Te Horo in the Art Trail for the first time since their public opening.

These brick beehive kilns, hand-built by internationally renowned ceramic artist Mirek Smíšek, were recently relocated and rebuilt at his former residence of over 40 years. 

Smíšek played a significant role in the evolution of craft pottery in Aotearoa New Zealand, making The Kilns a must-see for ceramic art enthusiasts interested in their history.

Adrienne Riseley, the inaugural resident artist, is preparing for her end-of-residency Elemental exhibition at Waikanae’s new Toi MAHARA Art Gallery in May. A new resident artist will join other invited exhibitors at The Kilns during the Art Trail 2024.

This new hub beautifully embodies our sustainability theme, seamlessly blending contemporary and historic elements for arts and heritage enthusiasts alike. Nestled beside a stand of native bush, The Kilns offer a scenic stop for Art Trail cyclists.

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