Tho Arraj

Mural being created at Raumati Beach Village

Date: 03 October 2022

There are some extra things happening around the Coast over the Trail, like the amazing mural being created at Raumati Beach Village by renowned street artist Theo Arraj. You can watch him work and have a great coffee at the same time. Make sure you slide that into the itinerary.

Theo Arraj | Raumati Beach Village

Watch and experience the work of renowned artist from the Kāpiti Coast, carrying on one of humanities earliest forms of storytelling, creating art on walls. Influenced and inspired by ancient cultures, religion, mythology, spirituality, and the natural world, Theo creates dynamic meaningful murals that bring whole walls to life. “I aim to inspire others as I have been inspired by those before me, to create works that empower people and speak to the soul. Peace by piece, The Art Saves

Theo Arraj